Somalia security forces shoot dead man found planting landmine

Somali security forces have shot dead a man while planting landmine in Mogadishu’s Warta Nabada district.

According to the security forces, the man was digging to bury the land after a tip-off from residents.

Confirming the incident Seinab Habsey, the district commissioner of Warta Nabada, praised and said the security forces thwarted the attack.

”I thank the security forces for risking their lives and I call on the public to always report suspicious activities,” Seinab Habsey district commissioner of Warta Nabada.

She also added that investigations are underway to hunt for the people who sent him to plat the landmine.

Al-Shabab has been making roadside bomb killing government soldiers in the capital city and elsewhere in the country but they have talked about the incident.