Somalia in new risk of delayed polls over electoral commission

As the political stalemate in Somalia’s elections intensifies, it is clear that the elections will not take place on time, given the much-delayed election timetable, following a dispute over the Government-appointed Electoral Commissions.

The political agreement reached between the Federal Government and the regional governments on the verge of collapse and a new rift between the Federal Government and Jubbaland could cause a delay in the electoral process.

ambassador in Nairobi, Kenya alleging that interfere with internal affairs and administration for undermining the treaty vote.

Concerns that this election will delay the country, as the country enters a period of political and security crisis, are on the rise.

The plan was to start electing new members of the upper house of parliament on December 1, 2020, but failed to meet the deadline.

No action has been taken so far to implement the timetable, which stipulates that the upper house elections will take place on December 1st and 10th.

The second reason for the postponement is that the Jubbaland and Puntland administrations have not yet appointed regional election commissions, which are responsible for the bicameral elections in Somalia.

However, delays will affect the 2020/21 elections, which have already been scheduled, and there are still stalemates in the process.

Abdi Barre Yusuf, a former lawmaker, called on President Farmajo not to lead the country into chaos and chaos and called on him to do the good he was elected to and hold free and fair elections.

Several politicians have also called on President Farmajo to leave the country and not let his political ambitions get in the way.

The Union of Presidential Candidates recently warned that if the Federal Government insists on an unsatisfactory election they will conduct an electoral process to save the country.