Al-Shabab Attacks Military Base In Southern Somalia

A military base belonging to Somali National Army (SNA) was on Monday attacked by Alshabab militants.

The incident took place at Somali troops base in the southern town of Ba’adweyne in Mudug region.

A heavy gunfight between the two parties ensured four over two hours according to the residents.

At the time of publishing, this report details from either side remain scanty. The Alshabab militants who have been fighting with SNA troops in the region claimed victory in the internet saying they took over the town and took control.

On Friday suicide bomber blew himself up near Adan Adde International Airport killing at least eight people and injured fifteen others on the attack.

In a statement posted on its online affiliate media, the Al-Shabaab terror group claimed resposibility for the attack saying their suicide bomber killed people.

Alshabab still controls of rural central and southern Somalia despite the fact that the group has lost strategic town over past years.

The African Union Forces and the US Africa Command have been assisting Somali National Army degrading the group.