New Hirshabelle leader holds talks with UN Representative

The president of Hirshabelle state Ali Abdillahi Hussein (Ali Gudlawe) has held a video conference with the United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary-General, Ambassador James Swan.

The two discussed various factors, including security, reconstruction, economic and political support to the Hirshabeelle and the federal elections.

Meanwhile, James Swan congratulated President Ali Gudlawe and his Deputy Yusuf Ahmed Hagar Daba-geed on their election on 11th of this month in Jowhar, the capital of Middle Shabelle region.

”The UN envoy to Somalia James Swan and members of his team today held an introductory e-meeting with Hirshabelle’s new President Ali Guudlaawe – covering reconciliation, Security and other state priorities, the national elections and women’s key role in the electoral process,” the UN Somalia said in a tweet.

The international community and the United Nations have backed the election in Jowhar, saying they were monitoring the start of the formation of the Hirshabelle State, and that important steps had been taken.

The international community has also promised to support the Hirshabelle administration in various areas including security, implementation of development projects and the administration’s economy.