Ex-President Mohamud launches attack on spy agency boss

Former Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has launched criticism of the National Intelligence and Security Agency boss Fahad Yassin, accusing him of working for the political collapse in the country.

During a Question and Answer in a session on Saturday, the former head of state said the NISA boss is working for political destruction and that he had overstepped his role.

“Fhad is the owner of the government. He is working on political demolition. He became the director of the presidential palace,” Hassan Sheikh said.

He said they had previously spoken privately with Fahad, but now he was speaking publicly and that he was a man working for ruining the country.

”Fahad Yasin is the owner of this government. He ruined the office of the presidency when he became the chief of staff at Villa Somalia. He also poisoned the security sector by disbanding the soldiers and the intelligence community. Now, he is destroying our political systems. We told him privately, but now we are saying it publicly. We must understand that he is on a path of disaster, and we reject this.” said Mohamud.

Opposition politicians in the country have lately been critical of Fahad Yasiin, a former Al-Jazeera journalist who became head of NISA.

Some have accused him of links to al-Shabaab militants with critics accusing him of cutting deals with the group and the expense of the national security.

However, these claims have never been independently verified despite being repeated all the time.

Somalia is preparing for parliamentary and presidential elections, and there is a rift between the government and the opposition.

The disagreement is in the composition of key electoral teams meant to handle the upcoming elections.

At least 12 presidential candidates meeting in Mogadishu this weekend have accused NISA of sending officials to work in the national electoral commission, as well as the dispute resolution committee.