Senate Speaker chooses team ‘to be included’ on the polls committee for northern regions

Somalia’s Senate speaker Abdi Hashi Abdillahi has appointed a team he says should be included in the electoral committee for northern regions.

He announced eight members of the Constituent Assembly for the Northern Regions (Somaliland), in addition to the previously nominated four members for the Federal Electoral Commission as well as the Conflict resolution teams.

The speaker asked the Prime Minister to include these members in the National Electoral Commission.

The move came as a dispute escalated on the composition of the electoral commission and the special team charged with polls in northern regions.

The Speaker of the Upper House has previously opposed the Federal Electoral Commissions and the Electoral Commission of Somaliland, which were appointed by Prime Minister Mohamed Roble.

Last Thursday, Abdi Hashi Abdullahi, the Speaker of the Upper House of the Federal Parliament, issued the guidelines for the election of members of both houses of parliament from the Northern Regions (Somaliland).

The speaker of the upper house has previously accused President Farmajo of trying to manipulate the election of lawmakers from the northern regions of Somalia.