Somalia tags Kenya in ‘most important’ category

Somalia’s Foreign Minister Ahmed Isse Awad says Kenya remains one of the most important countries for Somalia, in spite of occasional hitches in their ties.

In Nairobi, where Somalia just reopened its old embassy building closed during the war, Awad said Somalia government will always adopt a policy of rapprochement in order to unite the countries in the Horn of Africa, especially those influential to Somalia.

“Somalia has always taken decisive action that is important for the Horn of Africa countries to facilitate trade and social integration,” Awad said.

“Somalia has always taken decisive action that is important for countries in the Horn of Africa to facilitate trade and social integration.”

“The world is getting closer and we want to keep ourselves locked up and keep abreast of developments in the region.”

The statement came as relations between Somalia and Kenya appeared to improve, following months of tension, especially following a maritime dispute still before the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

Both countries have, in the past week, improved their diplomatic missions. Kenya opened its new embassy building it had been constricting in Mogadishu as Somalia completed renovation of its embassy premises last used during the war in 1994.

In fact, the former Ambassador had illegally sold it to a private businessman before a Kenyan High Court declared the sale illegal in 2010 and reverted it to the Somalia government.

Awad at the opening of the embassy in Nairobi, pledging to help improve trade and cultural relations between the two sides.

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