Farmaajo, opposition welcome election results in Hirshabelle

Ali Hussein Guudlaawe elected Hirshabelle President.

Legislators in the Hirshabelle state Parliament have elected Ali Abdullahi Hussein  ‘Gudlawe’ as the new vpresident of the federal region.

Hussein, a former Governor of Middle Shabelle region, former vice president  won the seat after defeating Jimale

It has seen him rise from rthe role of Chief Financial Officer in Middle Shabelle to Governor of the same region.

He was born in 1974 in Mahaday district of Middle Shabelle region and served as Deputy Governor of Middle Shabelle during the Transitional Federal Government from 2007-2009

He later became Governor of Middle Shabelle Region in 2014 2016.

In October 2016,  he was elected Vice President of Hirshabelle State.

His victory saw both the government and the opposition congragulate him, an indication the polls were fair.

“I congratulate the President and Vice President of Hirshabelle, Mr Ali Gudlawe Hussein and Mr Yusuf Ahmed Hagar on their elected positions, and wish them success in bringing stability, justice and inclusive development to the people of Hirshabelle.’’ President Farmaajo tweeted.

At the same time, former presidents Sharif Sheikh Ahmed ,Hassan Sheikh former PM Hasaan Ali Khiere and all other opposition parties congragulated on the newly elected Hirshabelle VP.