US trained Danab forces kills senior Al-Shabab operative in Lower Shabelle region

The U.S trained Somali forces unit Danab have killed six Alshabab militants including a senior official in an operation conducted in Bal’ad and Afgoye areas in middle Shabelle and Lower Shabelle regions.

The senior high ranking official was identified as Abdirahman Abdalla also known as Abu (Abu Ayman) who was in charge of Al-Shabaab’s finances in Shabelle regions.

According to senior military officials, the soldiers destroyed a tax collection point and removed landmines that were planted by the militants.

“The troops killed six militants including an official who was in charge of finances and destroyed a vehicle which was full of explosives,” he said.

The move comes barely a week after the Somali National Army (SNA) destroyed checkpoints manned by the militants to extort monies from transporters and pedestrians in Leego which located 50 kilometres from Wanlaweyn town in Lower Shabelle region.

The government forces have intensified operations against al-Shabab extremists in the past months, but the militants are still hiding in the rural areas, conducting ambushes and planting landmines.