UN envoy and Somalia’s PM discuss priorities in Mogadishu

Somalia’s Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble has on Sunday met in his office with United Nations Special Representative for Somalia James Swan.

The meeting discussed priorities framework of governance and human rights, security, peace-building and election.

”The  UN envoy to Somalia, James Swan, was honoured to meet recently with Somalia’s new Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble to discuss shared priorities of governance and human rights, security and peacebuilding as well as social and economic development,”

Prime Minister Roble and James Swan also discussed issues related to social and economic development in the country, according to a statement from the United Nations Office in Somalia.

It is the first face-to-face meeting between Mohamed Hussein Roble and UN envoy James Swan since Roble was appointed Prime Minister.

Mohamed Roble met with Somali community ambassadors to discuss the country’s electoral process, which was finalized last month.

Last week UN and Somalia signed a new five years’ cooperation pact agreement.