UN Agencies on the spot for delayed pay to youth hired to fight Covid-19

UNHabitat is under fire for delayed pay for youth hired to buttress the fight against Covid-19 in the capital Mogadishu through the Durable Solutions Unit.  The matter emerged this week after some 400 health workers hired in Benadir region to help combat Covid-19 pandemic lamented of delayed pay, months after completing their service with the unit.

The  group of 400 workers were given two-month contracts of $ 225-a-month pay to cover all districts in Mogadishu. Now that they’ve completed their contract and tasks  they have not been paid for work done.

The two-month project actually ended on July 30 this year.

Some of the youthful workers who spoke to Radio Dalsan said that the local government and DSU have made many promises but have not fulfilled any.

The workers were also in charge of registering many infected people and were working under harsh conditions receiving multiple threats and exposure while on the job.

The programme hired 400 youths under the EU Reinteg programme led by UNHabitat among two other agencies UNDP and UNHCR to the tune of $200,000.

Benadir regional administration have not yet commented on the matter. But federal states also raised queries after some workers on similar projects complained of no pay.

Radio Dalsan contacted DSU and was told that all required documents have been submitted to the respective parties in the UN agencies and awaiting release of funds for all workers including DSU staff.