5-year-old child raped in Mogadishu

A small girl is being treated at a hospital in Mogadishu after she was brutally raped in Kaaraan district on Saturday evening.

According to the family, the was rushed to the hospital and a medical examination revealed that she was raped.

The five-year-old was allegedly raped by a neighbour in Kaaraan district who is on the run.

The girl’s father, Yusuf Mohamed asked the federal government of Somalia to bring justice to the books.

”He grabbed my child and took her to his house which is the next door, the girl shouted and was overheard catching the attention of her mother,” said Mohamed Hassan.

Rapes and sexual violence have been in the spotlight in Somalia since the past years when a 12-year-old Aisha Ilyas aden was gang raped strangled to death at a town in northern Galkayo on February 2019.

The incident comes a week after the case of 19-year-old teenager Hamdi Ahmed Mohamed was gang-raped and thrown from a six-storey building in Mogadishu’s Waberi district.

Police said they have arrested 12 suspects in connection with the murder and gang-rape of the 19 years old Hamdi Ahmed Mohamed.

But despite the increased scrutiny of sexual crimes, their numbers continue to rise.

Early this year two young sisters aged 4 and 5 years were hospitalised after they raped in a field in Afgoye which is 30 kilometres west of the capital.

And in July this year, an 11-year-old girl was found raped and murdered and her body disposed at a thicket 15 days after she was reported missing.