Somaliland opens new representative office in Taiwan

The breakaway territory of Somaliland has opened a representative office in Taipei, Taiwan on Wednesday.

The opening ceremony for the Somaliland office was held in a building owned by Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs located in a residential building in the capital which was attended by officials from including foreign minister Joseph Wu.

The territory’s representative to Taipei, Mohamed Hagi, said ”Somaliland is looking forward to collaborations on trade, security, infrastructure, health, and agriculture and I encourage Taiwanese companies to invest in Somaliland.”

Somaliland is recognized internationally as part of Somalia, from which it broke away in 1991 as the country broke apart and descended into clan-based civil war while Taiwan which has just 15 formal diplomatic allies is considered by China a part of its territory.

Somaliland has seen little of the violence and extremist attacks that plague the rest of Somalia.

Neither Taiwan nor Somaliland are recognized by the United Nations, they both maintain their own independent governments, currencies and security systems.