Wadajir Party leader accuses NISA of supplying weapons to the jailbirds to free Al-Shabab officials

Wadajir Party leader Abdirahman Abdishakur has blamed the National Intelligence Security Agency [NISA] of plotting the chaotic scene at Mogadishu central prison on Tuesday night.

The former minister who is now an opposition party leader claimed the spy agency should take responsibility for the chaotic scene which saw 15 inmates and four warders killed.

“Last night weapons were smuggled in the prison to set free the Al-Shabab inmates this was planned by the intelligence agency and it should not be blamed on the prison officials,” Mr. Abdirahman said.

”We are unable to differentiate if the intelligence is Al-Shabab or agency working for the Somali people.” he added.

He also called on the upcoming prime minister to hold NISA accountable if he wants to gain the trust of the citizens.

One Alshabab inmate identified as Mukhtar Ibrahim Idle is confirmed to have shot dead a civilian and an Auto rickshaw driver and is on the run.

Mogadishu central prison is home to dangerous Alshabab inmates and hardcore criminals and is located near a cement factory in the capital Mogadishu.