At least 12 soldiers dead outside Somali military base attack

A suicide bomber has detonated an explosive-laden vehicle on Saturday at the gate of the Somali military base killing at least eight soldiers near Bar-Ayan in the capital Mogadishu.

According to eyewitnesses after the explosion, there was gunfire in the 12th April Army Brigade base near the newly reopened sports stadium in Warta-Nabadda district.

Col. Ahmed Ali said at least 12 soldiers were killed and 14 others wounded after the bomber detonated laden-vehicle at the gate of the military base with the death toll expected to rise.

Alshabab militants who are fighting to overthrow the central government more than a decade to establish its own Islamic law understood based on their own rigid interpretation have claimed responsibility via its radio arm Andalus.

The attack raises concerns about the readiness of Somali forces to take over responsibility for the country’s security from an African Union force in the coming months.