SNA kills 17 al-Shabab militants in Bay region

Somali army confirmed that its forces killed 17 al-Shabab fighters and a dozen others injured after clashing with al-Shabab.

Commander of SNA’s 60th Unit Mohamed Abdullahi said in a statement the forces killed the militants after clashing in Daynunay village outskirts of Baidoa in Bay region, southern Somalia.

“We have killed 17 al-Shabab fighters and more than 23 others also sustained injuries. Among those killed we’re commanders,” said Mohamed Abdullahi SNA’s 60th Unit commander.

The soldiers, who had been fighting along with the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) to stabilize the Horn of the African nation, said four SNA soldiers were killed including senior official during the confrontation.

The allied forces have been on major offensives against the extremists in central and southern Somali regions, but the militants still hold swaths of territory in those regions, conducting ambushes and planting roadside bombs.