Somalia’s Former Political Heads Warn of civil war If Election Delays

Somalia’s former heads of state and government warn of catastrophic consequences in the event of election delay.


Somalia’s key political and traditional leaders have added their voice to the ongoing debate about timing of elections, warning that delayed polls could bring harm to the country.


The leaders, including former Presidents Ali Mahdi , Sharif Sheikh Ahmed , Hassan Sheikh Mohamud,  gathered in Mogadishu as members of the Mudulood clan Mogadishu´s chief clan .


Some 1000 participants who included former and current mayors, diplomats and senior military officers were also present.


“If Farmaajo is not serious about holding elections, I am worried Somalia could slide back to civil war,” Said Ali Mahdi, former president said.


Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, another former president said Farmaajo was targeting their clan, especially in the security service, by firing most of their members. 


“This clans boys have supported this nation in a difficulty time . They have lost lives and wealth for Somalia and no one should sideline them today,” Ahmed said.


The group was meeting for the second time this year. They last gathered in Mogadishu in February.