Puntland leader dismisses Kheire’s ouster as unconstititional

Puntland regional state leader Said Abdullahi Deni has accused president Farmajo of organizing the removal of former prime minister Hassan Ali Kheire and described the no-confidence vote as illegal.

The state leader termed the removal of the former prime minister unconstitutional and the Dhusamareb conference cost him his seat.

“The president organized the removal of the prime minister and the Dhusamareb conference cost him his seat,” regional state leader said Abdullahi Deni said.

“Few hours after the prime minister was ousted and before he left Dhusamareb the president named the DPM as the acting prime minister he added,” he added.

Kheire was ousted by the Somali parliament from office by a vote of no confidence on Saturday with 170 lawmakers supporting the motion against the government while eight legislators opposed, none abstained.

Former prime minister Hassan Ali Kheire accepted the parliament’s decision by resigning from the decision he held.

In a press conference, Kheire  the longest-serving PM in post-civil-war Somalia termed the vote of no confidence illegal that MPs had acted unconstitutionally.

“Knowing that what happened in the parliament was illegitimate, away from the correct procedure for the removal of an executive, and it was not in the chamber’s agenda and neither consistent with the constitution, I have decided to leave the position I have been holding for the Somali people,” Said Kheire.