Sudan hands out cash to ease economic crunch

The stimulus is funded from $1.8 billion pledged by 40 countries at a conference last month in Germany.


“The program is based on supporting 80 percent of the country’s population with direct cash support from the state,” Essam Abbas, director of the finance ministry’s digital transformation agency said.


“It’s a project that aims to help this segment of the population is facing the economic reforms head-on,” he said in an interview days after the scheme was launched nationwide.


Sudanese authorities hiked bread prices earlier this year and many people still queue for hours to buy staple foods or fill their car with petrol.


Sudan’s annual inflation rate topped the 114 percent mark in May, compounding the country’s acute economic crisis.


Sudan’s economic woes have been further compounded by the coronavirus outbreak which pushed authorities to impose a lockdown on Khartoum state, including the capital, that was loosened last week.