SNA drives Alshabab militants out of key towns south of the country

Somali National Army (SNA) intensified the heat on Alshabab militants driving them out of key positions in the southern region of Kismayo.


The Saturday operation follows days of surveillance as the government seeks to neutralize the militants who previously had a presence in most parts of the country.
Hassan Iraqi, commander of SNA’s 5th Unit 16  Division told reporters the army conducted a well-planned operation inflicting severe casualties on the militants.
He said the forces will intensify operations until they drive out the militants in the whole region.
Locals said the heavily intensified army attacked Alshabab militants areas outside of Kismayo town.
 The areas liberated are Jaana-Abdalle, Helishid, Mayonde and Garas’ebe which are under Kimayo town.
On Friday the army killed four terrorists including a senior Nepalese trainer who was identified as Ashraf Azmi Abu Hamza in an operation conducted in Middle Jubba of Somalia.