Senior Foreign Trainer among those killed during SNA raid in middle Juba

Somali National Army on Friday killed at least 4 terrorists including a  senior foreign trainer in the Islamist group in a special operation conducted in middle Jubba of Somalia.


Isma’il Abdi Malik Malin, commander of SNA’s 16th Unit told journalists in Mogadishu on Friday that a Nepalese, Ashsraf Azmi Abu Hamda used to use the fighters of the extremist group to carry out attacks in the Horn of African nation.


The operation was conducted in the areas Buur-gadud, Waabo, Salagle and Dukay which are in middle Jubba.


On Wednesday the army liberated Hawaljiri, Bernasey, yaq-Bishaar and Osbo villages from Alshabab terrorists in Lower Jubba.


Government forces backed by African Union Mission in Somalia (Amisom) have intensified operations on al-Shabab militants in central and southern Somalia conducting consecutive offensives to flush the militants out of those regions.