Popular Warsheikh Beaches Closed To Public Over Corona Virus

Warsheekh a popular getaway for beach lovers closed its borders from Mogadishu
The administrative district of Warsheekh district of the middle shabelle has ordered the closure of  roads and movement  to curb the spread of covd-19
The administrative of  Warsheekh has banned the movement of vehicles that  headed to Mogadishu. The closure comes after fears concerning corona virus rising in the horn of Africa.Many people from  Mogadishu usually visit  Warsheekh during weekends for its beautiful beaches.
Warsheek was before the civil war a popular destination for Sufi adherents who visited tombs of Sufi clerics and saints buried in the town.
It was  was popular for beach lovers away from the mostly crowded Mogadishu beaches, recently the town away from Mogadishu only 40 km away has been a boom of visitors.

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