Night curfew takes effect in Mogadishu as COVID19 effects bite

The night curfew took effect on Mogadishu on Wednesday night, catching many city dwellers unaware.

The move was p;art of a raft of measures that have been put in place by the government to reduce the spread of the coronavirus which so far has infected 80 people, claiming 5 lives.

Police were at hand to ensure that the directive was enforced strictly, chasing members of the public who were still out during the restricted hours.

The curfew started  tonight at 8:00pm till 5:00 in the morning, the curfew is expected to spread throughout the country after 3 state governments implemented the raft measures to combat the spread of covid-19.

Journalists and essential service providers are allowed to be working during the curfew hours, the FGS also stressed the importance of respecting the curfew in order to contain the spread of covid-19 pandemic.

Somalia becomes the second country in Africa to enforce night curfew after Kenya, the virus has so far claimed 2 lives and 60 infected cases in Somalia.

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