US warns of severe Consequences following deployment of SNA troops to Gedo, Jubaland

The United States has accused the Somalia government of diverting resources from agreed roadmap to security operations by deploying Somalia National Army troops to Jubaland

This follows deployment of troops to Jubalands Gedo region , the United says has caused tension in the region, forcing thousands of families to flee fearing a possible bloody clashes between the forces allied to President Sheikh Madobe and those with the backing of Mogadishu.
The two sides do not see eye to eye.

Mogadishu deployed over 700 Turkish trained forces to Jubaland with the governmnet maintaining that they were in the region to maintain border security.

But the US in an address to the UN said that the single move could affect the relationship between the Federal Government of Somalia and the United states, one of the major supporters of the country’s rebuilding effort.

The US warned that the constant fight engineered by Mogadishu and the regional states was creating an atmosphere of instability and making the conditions suitable to Al-shabab terrorists to thrive.

“It is imparative that the FGS and the regional governments focus on fighting Al-shabab rather than engagaing in arm conflicts for political reasons.

The US urged President Farmajo to climb down from his high pedestal and violence backed solution to the stand off with Jubaland and instead embrace dialogue.