Somaliand Accuses Multi-national Hass Petroleum for supporting militia

Multinational oil company Hass Petroleum is in the eye of the storm following accusation by Somaliland that it was supporting groups opposed to Somaliland’s autonomy .

The separatist regions’ Minster of workers Qombe said in a press conference that the Hass supported militia fight to pressure the people of that area to refuse  Somaliland’s separation from Somalia and fight for Unity .

Hass is the largest company working in the petroleum industry and is registered in Somalia and the whole east Africa the headquarters in Nairobi, with operations in Uganda and Tanzania is Nairobi Kenya as well as they have offices in Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Sudan and DR Congo.

Hass product range consists of; Diesel, Petrol and Kerosene, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Hass brand of lubricants, blended to world- class standards.

The allegations comes a few days after Somaliland leaders ruled out any move to rejoin Somalia. The Somaliand region opted out after the bloody battles that saw the overthrowing of the then dictator Siad Barre in 1991.

Recently in Ethiopia, Presidents Mohamed Farmajo met in what was believed to be a move to quell tension. Farmajo had planned to visit Hargesia only for the host to turn down his offer.

The Group CEO Issa Sheikh Mohamed was not immediately available to comment