Demand for weapons on the rise in Mogadishu ahead of elections, Forum told

The demand for weapons in Mogadishu has risen with fears that violence could rock the country in the forth coming elections.

Consequently, the prices have gone up with up to 30% making booming business for arms dealers. Among the weapons in high demand are small and heavy weaponry, raising fears of violence.

The Observation was made by Tahlil Shaatax society Leader was the chief guest at the event dubbed Mogadishu Forum.

The event was the first public debate in which participants addressed the concerns, aspirations and visions for a better country.

According to Halima Ismail National Independent Electoral Commission NIEC Somalia is committed to holding the one person one vote which will be tested for the first time in the elections.

She said “last night I participated in a discussion organized by Mogadishu Forum on the upcoming elections later this year. MPs from both houses also took part in the discussion.