Questions abound as to how Jubaland security chief fled from police custody

Jubbaland security minister, Abdirashid Hassan Abdinur, also known as escaped prison in Mogadishu where he has been since his controversial arrest in August.

Janan who is a close confidant of President Madobe is said to have escaped through a window from a NISA’s prison in Mogadishu. Madobe is a fierce critic of the federal government and whose strained relationship with Mohamed Farmajo contributed to the arrest.

Janan was accused of many other human rights violations; murder, torture, and unlawful detention in Jubbaland. His arrest was lauded as a major win by human rights groups who pushed for a trial in a civilian court to allow justice for persons and families affected by his atrocities and violations.

However, a lot of mystery surrounds the circumstances of Janan’s supposed jailbreak, seeing as he was transferred to the NISA prison just five days prior to the escape. It is prudent to note that Janan was released following an intervention by Ethiopian officials and clan elders.

Therefore, to avoid backlash from interested parties including human rights groups and political patrons, a jailbreak narrative was an ideal respite. The jailbreak comes as talks to reconcile Farmajo and Madobe have hit a dead end, with Qatar and Turkey playing a key role in mediation.