Rescued Somalia-Danish Girl flown back to Denmark

A 15 year old Somalia-Danish n who was reportedly kidnapped last year has been flown back to Denmark by the Denish envoy to Somalia.
According to the police, Aman Nor Osman the security agencies traced the girl to a safehouse being operated by an NGO in Mogadishu, one year after the girl was reported missing.

Amal who was born and brought up in Denmark sought protection from the NGO after escaping, alongside six other girls, from a Mogadishu rehabilitation centre where mostly disapora youth undergo religious studies to “correct” them.
in an earlier interview, her mother Amran Mohamed Osman had said that her daughter had been kidnapped by presidential guards who were demanding $2000.
But Amal is said to have willingly escaped to the NGO to avoid being taken to the rehabilitation center by her mother.