Somalia Spy Agency arrests pro-Alshabab musician in Mogadishu

Somali Spy Agency announced to have arrested a singer with Al-Shabaab links in the capital Mogadishu.

The National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) made the announcement barely three weeks after a college teacher was convicted for killings linked with Al-Qaeda affiliated Al-Shabaab.

NISA posted on their twitter that their forces had arrested Abshir Garane Ahmed after gathering credible intelligence that the singer had links with Al-Shabaab.

NISA also released a video clip where the artist confessed that he was Al-Shabaab member. Abshir in the clip said that he was working with Al-Shabaab on Intel and finances. He confessed to had joined Al-Shabaab in 2013.

Abshir was part of a musician band financed by Mogadishu local government.

Early this month, a college student and a son of senior police officer was found guilty for leading Al-Shabaab sleeper cell into carrying out assassinations in Mogadishu.

After the arrest of Abshir by NISA, Al-Shabaab quickly through its pro-media issued a statement denouncing Abshir Garane Ahmed as their member.