Slain actvist Almaas Elman honored by Friends and Family in Canada

The late activist Almaas Elman has been honored by friends and family in Canada.

Almaas was shit dead in Mogadishu last week, a killing that attracted worldwide condemnation.

Almaas’ sister Ilwaad who spoke at the memorial service said she was attending the UN Security Council meeting when she heard the news of her sister’s killing.

She expressed her gratitude to the attendees for organising and participating in the event to celebrate her sister’s life.

Somali government and African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) had launched an investigation in the death of the activist.

In a statement, AMISOM said a preliminary investigation indicates Ms. Elman was hit by a stray bullet, especially as no firearm discharge was reported within the Base camp at the time of the incident