Kenyan troops, Al-Shabab reportedly engaged in fierce fight in Southern Somalia

There report the Al-shabab fighters have have launched an attack against Kenyan troops based in Qoqani area in southern Somalia.

Locals have reported thatheavy fighting erupted when the heavily armed militants attacked positions of the Kenyan contingent of AMISOM troops and Jubbaland security forces in Qoqani area.

They reported hearing the sounds of artillery and heavy gunfire exchanged by the Al-Shabaab fighters and Kenyan forces and their Somali allies.

The attack comes less than two weeks after a similar one launched by the Al-Qaeda-linked group against Kenyan troops in the area.

The Kenyan army is yet to comment on the reports of the Al-Shabaab attack on their bases in Qoqani and the number of casualties from both sides is still unknown.