3 SNA soldiers dead, 5 missing as boat capsizes in Indian Ocean between Marka and Mogadishu

Three members of Somalia National Army have been confirmed dead after a boat ferrying them capsized in the ocean between Mogadishu and Marka.
The fate of the five others remain unknown as they have neither been recovered or rescued.
18 AK 47 riffles and an assortment of other weaponry were lost during the accident.
Even through the loss of the troops was reported on October 14th, nearly a week ago, the government is yet to offer an official explanation as to what really happened.
The troops opted to travel by water after Al-Shabab imposed a blockade in Marka, 60 miles from Mogadishu, making travel by road risky.
In the recent past the militia group has suffered major casualties in the hands of the SNA and forces in the Southern sector, as over 30 have been killed in the past ten days.
There area fears that the unaccounted for ammunition and weaponry could land in the hands of the rebels, helping them restock their ranks who have in the recent past come under fore, with most of their supply routes being cut off.