Puntaland’s Deni Warns against extension of term for the Federal Government of Somalia President

President of the semi-autonomous region of Puntland has warned against attempts by some leaders to extend their terms in office beyond the stipulated four-year time.
Said Abdallhi Deni said that such moves would contravened the laid down agreements and could throw the country in to anarchy.
“There is a Somali agreement that has been implemented so far. The elections must be held on time. Until the government in 2004, the agreement has been under way, no delays or extensions, so we do not expect such things. they are about to fall, ”said President Deni.
The statements came against the backdrop of opposition parties expressing fears that the current regime under President Farmajo were keen on extending their term beyond the stipulated four year period.
The president said that the people of Somalia had agreed that the elections must be held on a four-year basis and that there is no extension of the period in the country.
The president of the semi-autonomous state of Puntland said that the elections were held in the country during the last few months, which were satisfactory, but no government officials have been allowed to extend the term.