Jubaland President Madobe hits out at Farmajo and tells him to keep off the affairs of the regional state

Jubaland President Ahmed Madobe has told off the President of the Federal Government of Somalia and other leaders who have questioned hi authority.
He termed President Farmajo as a late comer who is enjoying the fruits he and other leaders toiled for .
“When I was entering Kismayo years ago, it cost us lives. We carried the dead and the injured. That time Framajo was sipping coffee in the comfort of Starbucks.
President madobe had maintained silence in the backdrop of Mogadishu’s and Amnesty international’s condemnation in the manner in which the poll was conducted.
“I don’t understand why Amnesty International is not commenting in the violations against the opposition like the attacks on AbdiShakur and the Baidoa massacre.
He added that his patience was running out with leaders in the region who had caused insecurity in the region.
The latest rants comes against the backdrop by efforts by Mogadishu to frustrate the operations on Jubaland, by declaring that it did not recognize the elections and cancelling the direct flights to the region.
Perceived right hand man of President Farmajo who is also the minister for Transport and Aviation Mohamed Abdullahi Salad was disqualified from the race after the electoral body realised that he is married to a foreigner.
The Security Minister of Jubaland was also arrested in Mogadishu in what the police said was in relations with atrocities committed against civilians.