AU Happy with Steps made in the process to transfer security responsibilities to Somali Security Forces

The AfricanUnion Peace Support Operations Division (AU PSOD) has said it is satisfied with the progress
being made to transfer security responsibilities to Somali Security Forces, in line with
the Somali Transition Plan.
The delegation from the African Union Commission made a two-day visit to assess
the operations of the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) and evaluate
progress made in the implementation of the transition plan.
Maj. Gen. Francis Okello, the Chief of the Plans and Operations Unit in the AU PSOD
led the delegation which also consisted of officials from the United Nations Office to
the African Union. This was to monitor progress made by AMISOM to fulfil the tasks
mandated to the mission by the AU Peace and Security Council and the United
Nations Security Council. The AU PSOD carries out routine assessment visits to
provide updates on the implementation of the AMISOM mandate.

AMISOM is presently implementing the transition plan, which is a comprehensive
guide on the transfer of security responsibilities to Somali security forces ahead of
AMISOM’s anticipated exit in 2021.
The delegation visited the Jazeera II Forward Operating Base outside Mogadishu,
interacted with AMISOM military and police personnel and expressed gratitude for
the sacrifices and contribution of the troops to the success of the mission.
“This was an opportunity for us to see achievements in implementing the Somali
Transition Plan,” Maj. Gen. Okello said, while commending AMISOM troops for their
contribution to pacify Somalia. “Everybody is focusing on the Somali Transition Plan.
What does it mean? It means transitioning of security from AMISOM to Somalis. A
lot of success has been registered, we congratulate you and ask you to continue,” he
Earlier, the delegation met with the AMISOM leadership who included the Head of
Mission Support, Maj. Gen. Fidza Dludlu, the Deputy Force Commander in charge of
Operations and Plans, Maj. Gen. Nakibus Lakara, and received briefings from the
AMISOM military, police, and civilian components.
On Monday, the assessment mission moves to Kenya to check on the status of
injured AMISOM soldiers who are admitted and receiving specialised care in various
Kenyan hospitals.