Jubbaland Elections Already Rigged-Elders

Jubbaland elders now say the hope of holding a free and fair elections in the semi-autonomous region is impossible as the jubbaland Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (JIEBC) is already compromised.

In a protest note addressed to the to United Nations (UN) envoy in Somalia, James Swan, Jubbaland Council of Elders said that there are strong evidence that the poll body had skewed the outcome of the elections, so much that the other candidates stand no chance of a fair vote.
The elders said that unless an intervention is made, the elections could be choatic

“The council has been making concerted efforts to change the course of and convince Jubbaland administration and JIEBC of a legitimate, transparent and inclusive elections, unfortunately, our efforts went in vain,”

They now want the federal government and the international community to step in and get rid of the anomalies.