Prime Minister lauds Army’s role in crippling Al-shabab attacks

The Somalia Prime Minister Ali Hassan Khaire has said the country’s military officers had done a commendable job in keeping Al-shabab at bay in southern Somalia.
The Prime minister who spoke to recruits at the General Gordan training camp said the Somalia National Army had succeeded in liberating the towns in the region previously held by the militants.
As a result, the PM said peace and stability had returned in the region, allowing the residents to go about their day to day activities.
The prime minister pledged that his government will deliver services needed by the army to make sure the operations against al-Shabaab.
The Prime minister made the comments as the government vowed to crack down on the militants, especially in the wake of high attacks targeted at government installations and officials.
Somalia is preparing a strong army to take over from the Africa Union forces who have been working along the local forces to build capacity that is able to independently man security .
Lack of a standing army has enabled the militant groups to infiltrate the country especially the Alqueda and ISIS. Foreign fighters have also used the country as a training ground from which they plan and execute terrorist activities in the Horn of Africa region

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