Wadajir Party Demands Govt Cut Ties With Qatar Over Alleged Links To Bossaaso Attack

Press statement condemning on the Qatari Government’ support to terrorist groups in Somalia

The Wadajir Party, citing a report published on the New York Times Newspaper on 22 July 2019 on the links between Qatar and Suppprt to milltant groups of Da’ish and al-Shabab in Somalia, condemns Qatar’s sinister use of these groups in Somalia. The paper said that it has a recording of a telephone conversation between the Qatari ambassador to Somalia Hassan bin Hamsa al-Hashim and Qatari businessman Khalifah Khatad al-Muhannadi, a close ally of the Qatari Amir.

In the conversation, the businessman and the ambassador congratulate themselves on the fact that “their friends” were behind the 11 March 2019 attack in Bosaso. The aim was to scare away the United Arab Emirates from the Bosaso Port agreement so that Qatar could fill the vacuum.

According to the paper, Mr. al-Muhanadi is known to be close to the emir, Qatar’s ruler, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani. There are photographs of the two of them together and, according to news reports and text messages, Mr. al-Muhanadi frequently travels with the emir.

This information reinforces previous suspicions by many Somalis regarding the link between terrorist groups in the country and the Qatari government. Given Qatar’s direct and robust financial support to the federal government leaders, the information is also in line with its role in the government’s efforts to create tension and instability in federal member states.


The ongoing efforts to destabilise the Puntland State of Somalia is evidence enough for the government’s negative and naked interference in federal state matters with the support of Qatar.

The party therefore would like to demand the following;

1- For the federal government to make clear its stance towards Qatar, suspends its diplomatic relations with it, and take action against individuals with close links to Qatar and who hold sensitive positions in the government. If not, then it will be clear that the leaders of federal government are complicit and in league with Qatar and its allies in this matter.

2- For foreign affairs committees in the two houses of parliament to conduct an investigation into the revelations in the New York times report and Qatar’s unhealthy interference in Somalia matters, as well its support for terrorist groups in the country.

3- For the United Nations, the African Union, the regional block of IGAD, the Arab League and Union of Islamic Nations to also investigate Qatar’s relations with groups.

4- For the Puntland administration to launch an independent investigation into the 11 March Bosaso terrorist attack, which the New York times has linked to the Qatari government.

4- We would like to call upon the Somali public to present a united front against groups and their supporters and sympathisers