Former South Africa President in Mogadishu from Nairobi in What Sources say is a shuttle diplomacy to resolve border raw between the two countries

Former South Africa President Thambo Mbeki and a host delegates from the Africa Union officials have arrived in Mogadishu in a less publicized diplomatic mission. Sources say they are seeking an out-of-court settlement in the boundary dispute with Kenya.

Mr Mbeki was received by the Foreign Affairs Minister but not much details were revealed.

Sources close to the government said that the delegation, which had initially met the Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta is part of the push to have an out court settlement to the sea dispute with Kenya.

Ethipian President Abiy Mohamed has been in the frontline, persuading the two leaders to withdraw the case pending before the international court of justice.

Kenya Somalia have enjoyed cordial relationship over the years and there are fears within the continental diplomatic circlers that the bad blood between the two countries could further complicate the peace and stability in the horn of Africa