Al-Shabab gives Clan Elders 45 day Ultimatum to repent or be killed for appointing Federal Mps

Somalia Terror group Al-shabab has threatened to kill all clan elders involved in picking Federal MPs unless they repent within 45 days.

The group  in a statement accused  the elders of estabilishing an “apostate  administration contrary  to the teachings of Allah.

The group also want those who have repented to register their names with them for their own safety, as those not in the list will be executed.

“The only form of legislation that Allaah has chosen for mankind and that can unite the Muslims all
over the world is Islamic Shari’ah. Any other form of legislation besides the law of Allaah is
considered null and void and worthy of being abolished.”

It continued “Since the right of legislation solely belongs to Allaah, the leadership of Harakat Al-Shabaab Al
Mujahideen hereby notifies all Muslims that the so-called tribal elders who appointed the members
of the apostate Somali Parliament have fallen into clear-cut disbelief that has invalidated their Islam,
nullified their faith and led them towards the path of apostasy and misguidance.
The so-called apostate tribal elders are the ones who selected the apostate parliamentarians who
are contending against Allaah in His sole right to legislate and govern, and have openly declared
themselves as the lawmakersthe leadership of Harakat Al-Shabaab Al Mujahideen hereby issues a call to repentance to
the so-called tribal elders who participated in the selection of the apostate parliamentarians
demanding that they repent to Allaah, disavow themselves from the disbelievers and accept the
sovereignty of Allaah’s Law above all forms of legislation.
The Mujahideen’s leadership will give the so-called tribal elders a respite of 45 days starting from
15/07 / 2019 until 01/ 09 / 2019 to openly declare their disavowal and repentance and register their
names with the Islamic Wilaayaat in order to safeguard their lives. of the people and country.


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