Al-Shabab appoints new Mogadishu “Mayor”

Al-Shabab terror group have appointed a governor/mayor (Waalli) in charge of Mogadishu.

The appointment of Dahir Moalim Salaad is aimed to a replacing the former office holder Ali Jabal who was killed in a series of US air raids. Mr Dahir is a longtime operative of AS Amniyat’s surveillance operation.

Under the Federal Government Structure , the Mayor of Mogadishu also doubbles up as the governor.

The appointment comes in the week where the terror group moved to executive over ten people accused of spying.

The police have on several occasions thwarted attacks by the groups in Mogadishu, but they have remained stubborn in planning the attacks

But people who took to twitter had mixed reaction to the move by the militant group.
@ somtwitworrior posted that’s one of the funniest jokes I’ve heard in a long time. I’ll send a governor to the moon too.