I Will Never Allow Somalia To Take An Inch Of Kenya, Dualle Says

Kenya’s Majority Leader in the Parliament Aden Dualle has said he chooses Kenya over Somalia as the diplomatic relations between the two neighbours became more strained due to the maritime dispute.

Speaking to BBC Somali Dualle said despite being an ethnic Somali he is a Kenyan national.

” I am somali leader  in Kenya  and I’ll  never allow  anyone to take our WATER bodies be it Somalia Tanzania or any other country” he said in the interview.

Dualle asked for the two countries to resolve the matter outside tge courts.

“Since Somalia and Kenya have historical ties be it in our quest for citizenry or civic rights, I’ll always say let this misunderstanding be sort in a better way,” Dualle said

I’ll also urge the two nations to calm the tensions, plus the court and the diplomatic crisis is never good, for the long adage that says the misunderstandings between brothers should be something not known to the neighbours” he added.

” On the other end. The historical brotherhood rather nationties is the most important thing above all” Dualle who is also the MP Garissa Township said.

His remark has however elucidated a debate especially among Somalia from Somalia amid growing tension between the countries recently.

Dualle is the highest ranking Kenyan Somali politician.