President Farmajo Recalls Two Envoys, Deploys New One to Saudi Arabia

President Mohamed Abduallahi Farmajo has made a raft of changes within the diplomatic ranks, making new appointments and recalling of some envoys.

Most affected are ambassadors to Sudan and Egypt who were ordered back in the country immediately, with their fate still unknown.

The President appointed a new ambassador to Saudi Arabia who hit the ground running as immediately after the assignment, he accompanied the president who traveled to his work station.

President Farmajo is expected to attend an emergency Gulf Corporation Council summit on Iran’s alleged role in the attack on Gulf shipping oil and installations.

The summit will be held in Jeddah and the Qatar plane carrying the president was allowed to land in the Red Sea port for the first time in two years to prepare for the attendance.

Saudi air space remains closed to all Qatar planes. Qatar has been invited by Saudi Arabia to attend two emergency Arab summits being convened in the Saudi city of Mecca on May 30, Qatar’s foreign ministry said on Sunday, after previously saying it had not been.
Last week Qatar said it had not been invited to the two summits Saudi is planning in Islam’s holiest site to discuss the implications of drone strikes on oil installations in the kingdom and attacks on four vessels, including two Saudi oil tankers, off the UAE coast earlier this month.
Saudi, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt have imposed an economic and diplomatic boycott on Qatar since June 2017 over allegations that Doha supports terrorism and is cosying up to regional foe Iran. Qatar denies the charges.