Be Ready to Embrace Dialogue, Two Former Presidents Tell Farmajo

Two former presidents are now saying the country need national dialogue to enhance unity and development.
Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and Sheikh Sharif Ahmed also asked the current administration to take positively criticism, arguing that clamping down on dissention opinions was hindering national unity.
The two were speaking during the launch of Himilo Party headed by President Ahmed.
The former heads of state took issue with the current president, arguing that he was not tolerant to people opposed to his way of doing things.

Ex-President Mohamud who is the party leader of UPD party said the government must learn to listen to the opposition.

“We are not enemies of the public,If you stop people gathering in the right way then they will do so in the wrong way.”
The former president who headed the first post-Transitional Federal Government between 2012 and 2016 urged President Farmajo to free the political space.
“I urge the governmnt to open the political space to allow for free gathering and free speech. These are fundermental human rights and by doing so were are not breaking any law”

President Framajo has come under scrutiny for cmaping down on his perceived oppponents.
Former presidential candidate Abdirahman Abdishakur was in 2017 banned from conducting any political meetings in the country after security forces stormed his house killing four security guards during a gun exchange.
Himilo party leader Sheikh Sharif Ahmed w 2012 warned the country was headed in the wrong direction accusing the Farmaajo administration of being averse to any advice.

The former TFG president also accused President Farmaajo of lack of interest in addressing political challenges facing the country.