WARDI Hospital deny kicking out woman in Labor


WARDI hospital has moved in to clarify the circumstances which led to a woman who had sought attention at their facility giving birth on the roadside.
According to a statement from the hospital, Kadra Mohamed had visited the facility on 3rd April 8, 2019. She was received but when asked about her next of kin, she stepped out to make a call to her mother and it is at the time she was out that she delivered.
The hospital denied her earlier statement that she delivered outside the facility because she could not raise the $20 that the midwife had asked her to pay.
“WARDI wishes to categorically state that the services provided at Hamar Jajab are free of charge and are available 24/7 and are provided on need basis and at no time was Kadra Mohamed denied services either due to lack of money or any other reason for that matter”, read the statement from the hospital.
It added that after Kadra gave birth outside the facility “a commotion ensued and the patient was referred to Yardimeli hospital by WARDI ambulance accompanied by the facility in-charge Mustaf Yusuf since the patient and the community members declined to be taken back to the facility”.
The hospital added that when Kadra was discharged from Yardimeli, they paid her bill of $250
“We have since engaged constructively with Hamar Jajab district authorities, Ministry of Health Officials and the CID with the aim of finding out what had transpired and the circumstances around the incident . WARDI will cooperate unreservedly with all the mandated agencies and institutions.