I am definitely in favor of ties with Israel, says Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Replaced Director

Replaced  Ministry of Foreign Affairs director Abdullahi Dool has maintained that it was high time Mogadishu opened diplomatic ties with Israel even as he maintained that he expressed personal views.
Apparently undeterred, Dool on Monday morning reaffirmed his position vis-a-vis the Jewish state in an email to The Times of Israel.
“I am definitely in favor of ties with Israel. We shall see what the future holds for Somali-Israel ties,” he wrote. “In our country there are many officials who are pro establishing ties with Israel and there are those against… It may take few more years for Somalia to establish ties.”
On Friday, Dool, who has served in Somalia’s Foreign Service since 1983, took to Twitter to call for the establishment of diplomatic ties between Mogadishu and Jerusalem. “It is long overdue. Establishing diplomatic relations does not harm anyone but promote peace and cooperation,” he wrote.
“The Palestinians are their worst enemies,” he wrote in a second tweet. “They never miss an opportunity to miss a chance. They are idiots and losers in Gaza. They should be condemned each time they attack civilians. It is in our interest to welcome Israel.”
On March 26 the Somali government issued a statement reiterating its “firm position that the Golan Heights are Syrian territory illegally occupied by Israel.”
Any recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan is not only “null and void and violates international law” but increases tensions in the Middle East and undermines peace, security and stability, the statement went on.