Abdullahi Dool: 40 Years of Diplomacy Wiped-out by a Single Tweet

By all standards, Abdullahi Dool is a veteran diplomat who understands international protocols and state relations.

But on Sunday, a brief twitter post brought to a sudden halt an illustrious career at the Ministry of Foreign affairs, from where he has served since 1983, when he was appointed an attaché at the ministry. He was the Advisor in the Ministry.

Mr Dool had tweeted “I support the diplomatic ties between Israel and Somalia. It is long overdue. Establishing diplomatic relations does not harm anyone but promote peace and corporation”.

Somalia is one of the diehard supporters of the of the Palestinian cause. The government recently recalled its ambassador to Geneva for abstaining from a vote condemning Israel’s occupation of Golan Heights.

In another tweet which followed he said “The Palestinians are their worst enemies. They never miss an opportunity to miss a chance. They are idiots and losers in Gaza. They should be condemned each time they attack civilians. It is in our interest to welcome Israel”.

He later rose to the position of Counselor the following year, before taking up positions of first secretary in Somalia Embassy in Kuwait and later London. In the UN he served as the first Counsellor, later rising to be the Charge de affairs in 1990.

The breakdown of civil war in 1991 brought his career at the ministry to a halt. He later worked for Horn Heritage Publications where he worked till 2010.

In 2011 he was appointed Deputy Minister in charge of Water, Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Resources where he served till 2012. In 2014 he was appointed permanent secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Investment promotion. In December the same year, he was appointed as an advisor in the Ministry, a position he held until last Sunday.

Immediately Radio Dalsan broke the story, Somali’s at home and abroad lauded the government for the move to relive him of the job. Over 80% of those who reacted on the station’s twitter handle said the government had done the right thing.


According to MP Dalha, Israel does not recognize the Somalia passport since 1990 and therefore there was no way the two countries can open up diplomatic talks.

But he said that in a such much as he had been fired, it is upon the committee of civil servants to decide whether he will still be retained as a civil servant.

Dool handed over his card as took the evening plane to Nairobi. The government has since Abdihakim E to the position.