Somalia Condemns New-Zealand Mosque Terror Attack

49 people died and 48 injured after shootings which targeted two mosques


Somalia has condemned Friday Mosque attack in New Zealand in which 49 people lost their lives, as it called for a united stand against war on terror.

49 people died and  48 injured after shootings which targeted two mosques. At least four people from Somalia have been killed in the attacks.

The  “well planned” mass shooting took the lives of worshippers during Friday afternoon prayers at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, shocking a nation with little history of major gun violence.

New Zeland police Police confirmed that shots were fired at two mosques: first at the Al Noor Mosque near Hagley Park, then at the Linwood Mosque in the suburb of Linwood. Police commissioner Mike Bush in an evening press conference said the death toll had reached 49 people: 41 people at Al Noor Mosque, seven at Linwood Mosque, and one in hospital who died from injuries.

Yesterday, Somalia President Mohamed Farmajo said “ We stand in solidarity with the New Zealand government and Muslim Community. We must unite to defeat  the evil of terror in all its forms”

He added “I strongly condemn the horrific Islamaphobic attack in #Christchurch, New Zealand against Muslim worshippers. We stand in solidarity with the New Zealand Government and the Muslim community as they overcome this ordeal. We must unite to defeat the evil of terror in all its forms”, said President Farmajo  in a tweet .

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern branded the killings a “well planned” terrorist attack.

An Australian-born man in his late 20s was arrested and charged with murder on Friday. At a news conference, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison called the suspect, whose name has not been officially released, an “extremist, right-wing, violent terrorist.” The man appears to have posted a link online to a lengthy manifesto packed with white supremacist references and trollish remarks shortly before the attack.

Authorities say they have two other people in custody but are still working to determine their connection to the shooting. Explosive devices were also found attached to a car nearby.

The two mosques ― Al Noor and Linwood, about three miles apart ― were full of people on Friday, generally the busiest day of worship.