Another Somaliland, Somali talks planned

Latest round of talks scheduled to take place in Ghana

Somaliland is optimistic that Somalia will honor the olive branch to kick-start mediation talks.

On Thursday, Somaliland President announced that the two countries would be seeking to mend fences at talks organized in Ghana on the 19th March, and expressed optimism that the Somalia counterpart would climb down from their hardline position to attend the talks.

It is not clear who is behind the latest diplomatic efforts.  Last month, much-hyped talks that were to take place in Ethiopia failed to take place.

The Federal government of Somalia agrees (in principle) the meeting to take place but there is substantial discussion remaining on format, venue, and role of 3rd parties, according to sources.

The Somalia-Somaliland talks collapsed several times after the two sides tabled hard conditions.

Somaliland declared independence in 1991 from Somalia after it accused the government of late Mohamed SiyadBarre’s military of carrying out atrocities against people in northern Somalia (now Somaliland).