Alarm Over Fake Bullet-Proof Vehicles in Mogadishu



A massive racket selling fake bullet-proof vehicles in Mogadishu has been unearthed.

Car dealers have raised an alarm that the city’s resident was being swindlers of their hard cash, in the name of being sold the vehicles with enhanced security features.

Mogadishu has in the recent past seen a spate of shootings, prompting the residents to take extra precaution. But many have fallen into the hands of the criminals fleecing them, purporting to sell bullet-proof vehicles.

According to a car dealer Abdishakuur Ahmed,  the bulletproof Tayama  cars in the market go for $65,000 while a land cruiser attracts 110,000.

He lamented that some garages at Halane have become notorious for the vice, fabricating the fake vehicles.

Bullet-proof vehicles are usually imported from UAE and Japan but over the past two years, some garages at Helane and other local manufacturers have been claiming that they can modify the specifications.

Over the years, UN staff, government officials, MPs, and ministers have been using the bulletproof vehicles. But increasingly, more civilians are taking up the trend.